Ever Grand International


Recruitment and Executive Search 

At Ever Grand International, we offer extensive recruitment service and executive search across a diverse range of areas including financial institutions, technology based industries, telecommunication sector, professional services and retail & consumer services. Over the years, our proven recruitment methodology ensures a successful and top-notch talent search on behalf of our partners. As a consequence, our partners’ unique staffing requirements are met in a timely and cost effective manner. We guarantee to do the same in the future with both existing partners and future prospects.  

The right person at the right place is our belief. To make the best use of our methodology and to assist our partners in achieving their hiring objectives, we deploy highly skilled and professional consultants to provide a complete personalized service. Once you allow us to work for you, our consultants will thoroughly search for and understand your professional requirements. At the same time, our consultants will be acquainted with your goals and culture in a bid tooffer invaluable insight and advice in return. This process helps the consultants to identify the skills, personality and experience that a potential candidate would need to succeed in your organization. In other words, our consultants will work as an integral part of your organization and will ensure that your specific requirements are met.

 Once we acquire your organizational goals, objectives, missions and culture, a detailed plan of the hiring process are mapped out. Position requirements are explored in depth with our team members responsible for hiring.  This plan helps us to implement our methodology through establishing an effective position profile and hiring parameters. As soon as we complete the position profile, we go on to the next step, which is to search for suitable candidates by using proprietary analytic techniques including Six point M approach and Advanced Pre-Selection Technology from our network, candidate bank and referral programme.

 We understand that your managers' time is invaluable and they need to find staff with a minimum of time and effort. Thus, we adopt a step by step quality assurance system in the entire process to assure our consistency and quality. Moreover, we do it in an timely and effective manner. 

In order to assure participation of all the top performing candidates, we utilize proactive approach to have an access to candidates, who are not active in the career move but are suitable to meet out partners’ requirements.